Monday, July 10, 2006

Is This Your Card, Sir?

Zidane( x2 = 2) + headbutt(eix = cos x + i sin x=butthead?) - reputation+classy(A(1 + 1/4 + 1/42 + 1/43 + ....) = (4/3)A=HA-ha!) /previous redcards (xn + noxn-1 + (nn-n)/2 ooxn-2) = SCHADENFREUDE (x=raisetheroof) GO ITALY!!!

When I spoke to my Moroccan friend Khalid the other day about why he hated the French team so much he told me that he couldn't stand Zidane. When I asked why he just sort of made it vaguely understood that underneath that "classy" exterior the guy was a bit of a prick. "Trust me, hobi (his Arabic term of endearment for me)." he says. Well, well, wellll.....

But after following World Cup all season long it was a pleasant culmination to the final at a Norfolk sports bar with Joe and Al and about two dozen other enthusiasts, most of whom were cheering for France, with the exception of Joe and myself. Unbelievable save by Gianluigi Buffon against Zidane. And after the headbutting incident Al made me laugh my remarking that even when soccer players get into fights they still never use their hands.

Anyway, rescheduled inventory at work is next Sunday so I made the move to empty out my hold bin this weekend. Some of the used product that I've been sitting on include:

Goldie Lookin Chain "Straight Outta Newport" , the first musical recommendation I took from a porn starlet who just happens to be as Welsh as these Newport, Wales scruffies. This collection from previous albums is a little bit more "Americanized", as in it leaves out some of the more topical Welsh tracks that might fly over some Yanks' heads, but other than that so far as I've heard they sort of remind me of a more Euro Bloodhound Gang, as in white boys rappin' silly over thumping grooves. But I tend to actually like The Bloodhound Gang (well, at least I liked their first album, and that was about it) so I'm giving these munting Darrens a good go-around and see wot sticks.

Two Butthole Surfers re-releases, Locust Abortion Technician and Psychic... Powerless... Another Man's Sac. I've already had both of these albums on vinyl for several years but both being my two favorite Butthole albums and both filled with so many hilarious memories of times past that I couldn't just let two used copies slip from my greasy grasp like that. One cannot possess too many copies of "Sweatloaf" or "Lady Sniff" for my personally notorious refined tastes.

A "new" copy of the slits Cut, which I will be right embarrassed about purchasing once I find my long-lost burned copy that some nice young lad on the internet made me in trade for the House Of Schock video over a year ago. Someone might wind up with this in their stocking next Christmas if that ever becomes the case. And knowing my luck it will be.

As far as DVDs I snagged the used copy of the Star Trek Q Fan Collective, which quite honestly I'm not exactly certain as to why I did since this pretty much makes all my seasons Of The Next Generation somewhat obsolete. Plus having been discussing it with my fellow long-time Q enthusiast Wemblee we both decided that the scant amount of swell extras on the disc didn't really make it worth owning if you had already owned every episode in other places. However the only Q episode I do not have on DVD yet is "Q2", which I wasn't really a big fan of since it was from an episode of Voyager, which I also wasn't a huge fan of, and it was during the more pussified Q years which I really wasn't a huge fan of, so I'm sort of glad I didn't have to pay full price for a whole Voyager season that would have otherwise gone to waste on my bookshelf for the rest of my days. Still, it's sweet to have all my cherished eps in one big nifty foldy-outty thingy. And I still love the Q, I do.

And one more new DVD... Walt Disney's The Island At The Top Of The World! I swear to holy heck this has got to be the movie I saw in the theaters when I was a kid back when it came out and it scared the living crap outta me. Later my father bought us one of those old home projector machines (this was the 70's, yo) that had a clip from this movie (if it is indeed the same movie) where the Viking king is delivering a speech in front of a flaming wall and you can see the flames in his eyes as if the back of his head were hollow. Man, that image has been lodged into my brain like remembering an old childhood dream. I really, really hope that this is the same movie. Does anybody have any memory of this flick, and the scene in which I was talking about?


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