Friday, October 13, 2006

Bring Out The Gimp

I have somehow royally wrecked my knee. And this happened Tuesday, my day off, where I wasn't running around the store and lifting heavy boxes or kicking small children, so how I could have fucked up a part of my body this badly merely loafing around the house speaks volumes about how embarrassingly out of shape I've become this summer. My God, this time last year I was a war horse. Arms muscles, legs muscles... heck, I was even developing a solid muscle ass for criminy's sake. And I've never had one of those before, like, ever! Really shows how fast it can all go to seed when a ton of stress, a touch of depression, and lack of Avandia renders you a bed muffin for 6 months straight. I'm still up one pants size from last year, and not that much further from a second one if I don't start seriously throwing the covers off my limp form and get back to running again, especially now since I live in a much safer neighborhood than previous. And I gotta get back to eliminating sugar from my diet again. Once I get past that first week of withdrawals it's easy and I no longer crave it. But that first week is a killer, and now that I don't take Avandia anymore my body craves it more than ever since my insulin levels are probably higher than they were earlier this year when I went off of them. Which is why I'm tired all the time. Which is why I don't work out anymore. Which is why my freakin' knee is ready to explode.

Health, health. I have to stay on top of my health. That should be motivation enough. You would think, right?

But right now I'm more motivated to crawl back into bed and have four or five hands of ambiguous origin rub my swollen gams before I have to drag that limb around with me at work for 8 hours.


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