Saturday, October 14, 2006


Mon 16: 3-cl
Tue 17: 11-6:30
Wed 18: 10-5
Fri 20: 9-5
Sat 21: 3-cl


Blogger Christopher said...

Hi Mel (and Erin), it's pretty easy to add links to your sidebar. When you are in your blog, there should be a tab marked TEMPLATE, select it. This is the formatting for your entire blog, including your links. The best way to do this is copy & paste the whole enchilada to a text file. Do a search for EDIT-ME and you'll see where the links area is. Now just insert an url between the quote marks and replace the words EDIT-ME with your own text. Finally, copy the whole enchilada back to the template area and save. Ta-da.

Erin, you can find my blog by clicking my name, the profile appears and the blog is listed at the bottom of it. Enjoy!

3:27 AM  

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