Monday, October 16, 2006

I Have Those Same Pictures Over My Bed

Well besides the whole graduating from M.I.T. bit I see they've finally made a music video running somewhat parallel to my own life. I probably walk just like that when I stride up to people to shake their hands. Reckon I'll never get to bowl with the gangstas now.

Saw The Departed last night, which I liked very much, and being that it's Scorsese I don't find myself all that surprised. Actually the irony is that the film didn't really feel all that much like a Scorsese film to me, in that I didn't get a sense of his usual camera and editing theatrics -- although I'm getting a tad tired of the overuse of "Gimme Shelter" in his soundtracks (how many movies has he put this in now -- didn't I even hear it somewhere during The Age Of Innocence?). Maybe in a way I enjoyed it more because I wasn't so self-conscious of it being a Scorsese film and I could just sit back, relax, munch my peanut M&Ms, and hold my bladder (okay I had to get up once but it was during a boring sex scene while Van Morrison was wailing along to "Comfortably Numb" so I doubt I missed anything essential) and just enjoy the picture on its own merits.

Picked up a few CDs this weekend as well...

Bob Dylan's Modern Times, his most recent (used) which has been coming back in droves but I'm still hearing it's one of the best things he's done in ages. I really enjoyed "Love And Theft" and I think this is supposed to be a part of that song cycle/trilogy of albums so if that's the case I'm certain I won't be too disappointed. What little I've heard so far rocks.

Serge Gainsbourg Vol. 3 came in used a few weeks ago and seeing as how for the past several years the only album of his I actually own anymore is the freakin' Comic Strip compilation I figure the time is good as any to start beefing up on my pervy French fatalists -- and I'm guess this is, uh, one of three other comps as well. Good thing I'm not the compulsive completist type.

And I just had to snatch this new, because hells ya'll, it's the The Future Is Unknown... Unknown Hinson! I've been receiving a lot of booking information from his agency in my email inbox over the last few weeks, and I've been long since admiring this album cover in my CD bins, with it's redneck vampire visage and song titles like "I Make Faces (When I Make Love)" and "I Cleaned Out A Room (In My Trailer For You)". Is it outsider art? An elaborate sideshow put-on? Who cares, it's durn funny. Deliciously politically incorrect C&W the way C&W used to be, before that dag blasted "K-mart Kountry" contingent took over the airwaves. And he's my friend on myspace! Iffin' that don't make me The Shit. Track 'em down, and check 'em out. Especially the one titled "Love On Command" (it ain't lettin' me link today, sorry 'lil chickens).


Blogger Anita said...

My friend Sarah is crazy about Serge. I like that Bonnie & Clyde song.

7:12 PM  
Blogger Christopher said...

Second the Serge (even though he smoked those awful Gitanes).

12:13 AM  

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