Monday, February 28, 2011

J Wow?

My DVD cataloging project is fast under way, but no manner of speed will ever make this list expediently done, nor 100% complete. And I haven't even gotten to the television shows, music videos, or even the VHS collection yet. Porn will probably not factor, and I'll leave the wrestling DVDs in Joe's capable hands.

Jackass The Movie
Jackass 2
Jackie Brown
Jacob’s Ladder (DVD-R)
Jane Eyre
Japan’s War
Jason & The Argonauts
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
John Cleese: The Strange Case Of The End Of Civilization As We Know It (DVD-R)
Johnny Get Your Gun (DVD-R)
Johnny Guitar (DVD-R)
Johnny One-Eye
Journey To The Center Of Time
J.S.A.: Joint Security Area
Julius Caesar (DVD-R)
Jungle Fever
Just For The Hell Of It

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Tue 1: 10-2
Wed 2: 10-5
Thur 3: 10-5
Fri 4: 10-2
Sat 5: 10-6

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Terminal Football

First 20 tracks on my iTunes looking through scrapbooks from the 90's after filming Joe's and my segments for the Hardcore Norfolk documentary this past weekend.

1. "Toasted Dub" - Tino
2. "These Big Emotions" - Five Against The House
3. "Night On Fire (Cut Copy Remix)" - VHS Or Beta
4. "Sou" - Cheikh Lô
5. "Take" - The Famous Pies
6. "Closer To Fine" - Indigo Girls
7. "BlackOut" - Lovedrug
8. "Windfall" - Son Volt
9. "Ain't Nobody" - Rufus & Chaka Khan
10. "We Do Wie Du" - The Monks
11. "Little Things" - Good Charlotte
12. "Osi Dia Mba Nyue" - Sami Raymond
13. "Dim" - Dada
14. "I Wanna Be Your Dog" - The Stooges
15. "Jerk Out" - The Time
16. "Silly Love Songs" - Wings
17. "I Gotta Connect" - Mojo Nixon
18. "Clone" - Avail
19. "A Day In The Life" - The Beatles
20. "Godzilla" - Blue Oyster Cult

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Being miserable with the cough hasn't made me all that productive, and that includes keeping up with this blog. Laying in bed, staying warm and still, and apparently gaining obscene amounts of weight appear to be the order of the day so long as I am a slave to the pain.

But recently I have discovered that the doctor that I used to visit in my youth is still in practice. The doctor that always seemed to know just what to give me for this cough to make it go away, for at least as long as it the next time it resurfaces. I'm going to see him in a couple of weeks. Here's to hoping that he remembers me. And remembers what he GAVE me all those years ago.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Perry Moore, 1971-2011

My friend Lizzie's brother Perry Moore tragically passed away this week. I met Perry at Liz and Randy's wedding back in December 2009, and although I knew that he had written the book Hero, about a gay teenage superhero that Stan Lee was interested in producing as a Showtime series (and according to this article is still in development) but I discovered that day that he was also the executive producer for The Chronicles Of Narnia films, which is partly why his death was making headlines all over the entertainment industry. Perry was a sweet man, very funny and charming and obviously quite talented, his passing is truly heartbreaking.

I have been invited to the funeral this Saturday, and the "Irish wake" after might promise to be jam-packed and star-studded. But all I can think of is what a loss this is. My love goes out ot Liz and her beautiful family.