Monday, August 30, 2010

Say Hi To The Bad Guy

The trailer for my beloved Jack Stehlin's new theatrical production Titus Redux, also starring Brenda Strong (Desperate Housewives) at the Kirk Douglas Theater in Los Angeles... right now!

Somebody go see it and tell me how it is!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Is Feeling The Burn

Most days I grab a cup of coffee at the Starbucks drive-thru on my way to work. And that's really about it. I don't drink any more during the day or night, and I don't drink coffee hardly at all on my days off. I don't drink soda (unless offered) so I like to think I am not overdoing it in the caffeine consumption, but I honestly don't know what has prompted these two vicious attacks on my guts these last two days.

Yesterday I had a cup of iced coffee, unsweetened, with non-fat milk, and an orange before I went into work. About a half hour later my stomach tied up into cramps but only lasted about ten minutes before I chalked it up to the acid from the oranges. Today I decided to forgo the orange and get the same grande cup of iced coffee. Pretty much what I get every day during the summer months.

Almost an hour later I had the same exact attack, but stronger.... so much stronger. Like a gas attack times twenty to the tenth power and then cubed, or something like that. I was alone back in the warehouse so nobody knew what was going on, but I was doubled over yelling and crying and finally managed to get to the phone and call Joe, who had my car today because he was heading over to Portsmouth at one o'clock to meet with friends for the fantasy football draft. I only live about 4 1/2 miles from my store so by the time Joe got there to get me the spasms had mostly stopped but it was still difficult to walk and it felt as if I had been punched hard in the gut, so I came home.

Now having chewed two of Joe's Gas Gone tablets and three Tylenols I am at least in a sitting position without screaming. So what is it? Am I having a bad reaction to coffee all of a sudden? I like to think that I'm not drinking... that much to have something like that devour me from the inside. I hate missing work though. I hate leaving the crew missing one soldier on a busy Sunday afternoon, but honestly, as tender as I still am I don't know what good I could have done. And going to the doctor would probably result in a lot of quacky Doc-N-The-Box advise since my general practitioner doesn't work the Sabbath (like most I assume). But Joe just called from Portsmouth to check up on me (I insisted he go because I really am feeling better than I did before) and I don't feel like there's any kind of emergency, but usually it's an emergency that would keep me from working in the first place, because I always need the money. Just, it was so weird. That pain was, as the kids say, off the hook. But I'm better now. At least, for the moment. No more coffee for me for awhile. We shall wait and see.

I hope my boss isn't expecting a doctor's note. Ironically I may wind up going out to Norfolk General anyway because my friend Mike's elderly father is in the hospital and, well, it doesn't look good. Joe had a flash that maybe I was feeling "sympathy pains" for Mike's father because of his failing liver and kidneys at that very moment, and boy, not that I typically believe in those sort of things but wow that would be a serious trip.

Speaking of trips, the "PM" part of the Tylenol PM is finally kicking in and I better go lay down before I find some heavy machinery to operate.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Destroy Everything You Touch

Mother in her kitchen showing me how to use her brand new iPad.

First 20 tracks on my iTunes feeling at itch to get out of town for awhile again.

1. "Abraham Lincoln" - Clutch
2. "Rebel Yell" - Billy Idol
3. "Cynthy-Ruth" - Black Merda
4. "Ever Fallen In Love" - The Buzzcocks
5. "Love Is Dead" - The Lovemakers
6. "Energy Flash" - Joey Beltram
7. "Blacklisted" - Rancid
8. "Hair Pie: Bake 1" - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
9. "Digital City" - Empire State Human
10. "Things You Do" - Bim Skala Bim
11. "Pillbox Tales" - The Cure
12. "Coochie Shake" - DJ Assault
13. "You Satisfy Me" - Boston Spaceships
14. "Gay Sons Of Lesbian Mothers" - Kaki King
15. "Jammin'" - Bob Marley
16. "Chuang Wai (Out Of The Window)" - Cold Blooded Animal
17. "Please Mr. President" - Guitar Shorty
18. "Free" - Mya
19. "Woman" - Mick Ronson
20. "Lightning's Girl" - 8 Eyed Spy

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Am Curious Giallo

So they have gone and made a game out of the movie The Human Centipede. If anybody wants to know why I was a half an hour late picking up Joe from work last night, click the link.

I am, however, more excited about the upcoming Criterion DVD of House, the 1977 Nobuhiko Obayashi freak-out that never saw an official American release, yet as years as a bootleg and late-night television viewings has probably influenced everyone from Sam Raimi to Takashi Miike with its own inexplicable hodgepodge of horror, German expressionist thriller, Italian crime drama and good ol' American Tex Avery-style animated lunacy. Inspired from a story idea by Nobuhiko's young daughter, it involves a group of perpetually cheerful teenage girls with names like Gorgeous (the pretty one), Melody (the piano player) and Fantasy (the dreamer) who come to visit Gorgeous' aunt and so many strange things begin to happen it sets all future standards in Japanese cinematic high-weirdness.

House will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray in October. I was thinking about ordering it through work but I'm more and more tempted to place it here, because you get a pretty swell T-shirt as a bonus.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Schedule (Revised)

Thur 26: 5-9
Fri 27: 12-8
Sat 28: 12-8
Sun 29: 11-5
Mon 30: 9-5
Tue 31: 9-11am
Thur 2: 10-4
Sat 4: 12-7

Monday, August 23, 2010

Maybe He IS Crazy

This new Ceelo song seems to be making the rounds tonight on all of my friends' Facebook pages, so I thought I'd spread the virus along the Bloggerverse, or whomever is left I suppose. Apparently an official video will be made for this, but I admit I kind of hope that they stick with this version instead.

Sorry For Being

Audio Junk is another Stoopid Kar Production live every Wednesday on @ 10 pm EST. The World's Worst Mixing DJ -DJ JOE INC plays a variety of music-no format- just samples variety and more tonight. The Modern Mixtape. Replays on every Sun 5 am - 7 am-Texas Time.

1. “Angelus”-Manir Donaghue
2. “Blind Man’s Penis” –John Trubee
3. “Comencemos (Let's Start)”- Phirpo y sus Caribes
4. “Reward”-The Teardrop Explodes
5. “Rude Sock” from Sex & Fury
6. “Cherry Bomb”- The Runaways
7. studio argument from The Runaways
8. “A Dangerous Life”- The Poster Children
9. “run away and hide” –Herbert Lom in Asylum
10. “Teaching To Suffer”- AIDS Wolf
11. “It’s Revolting” from Asylum
12. “Upstart”-Meatjack
13. “White Man Invaded America” from a Call of Duty lobby
14. “Lacquerbox”-Pitchblende
15. whipping with organ in Japanese from Sex & Fury
16. “Human Being Lawnmower”- MC5
17. don’t bud from Splendor in the Grass
18. “Don’t Kill The Animals”-Nina Hagen and Lene Lovich
19. “middling middlebrow” from The Celluloid Closet
20. menu music from Suburbia DVD
21. “ Last Laugh” from Asylum
22. “Don’t Smoke in Bed”- Peggy Lee
23. “Mildred Pierce”-Charlie Lewis
24. “Sandra”-The Smoking Popes
25. “I’ve Had Enough”- The Who
26. Robert Logia for Asthma
27. “Y U Nv Me”-Deion Sanders
28. Bobby wants gout from King Of The Hill
29. “Give It To Stupid”- Robot Love
30. trailer for AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS!!!!!!!!!
31. “Everybody speaks no Americano [Yolanda be Cool & DCUP vs. Backstreet Boys vs. Phantom of the Opera vs. Bob Sinclair vs. Benny Benass)”-Mash-up Germany
32. The Spy is Not Human from Sex & Fury
33. “Cocaine Nights”- My Dry Wet Mess
34. “War Petite”- Cornered
35. “Kashmir Yam Boys”- Dodo
36. “Make A Wish”- The Onion Radio News
37. “Do The Clam”-Elvis Presley
38. “Justified Appendectomy”-The Singing Doctors
39. “Roll On Buddy”- Ramblin’ Jack Elliot
40. “Streets of Philadelphia”- Bruce Springsteen
41. police drop the gun from Mantis in Lace
42. “One Step Up”-Bruce Springsteen
43. Farve INT 2010
44. the hip sub-culture from The Hippie Revolt
45. trailer for Kill My Dear
46. Bark-off
47. first lead in 39 years from Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
48. “Brutally Mutated”-Mortician
49. wow-a-roni from Groovey Ghoulies
50. Space Ghost theme
51. countdown en Espanol from Animated Star Trek
52. walking from Edge of The City
53. “Wrist Wreckin' Skratch”- Invisibl Skratch Piklz
54. “The Love I Lost”-Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes
55. tripping from Hardware
56. “piano and I” –Alicia Keys
57. convict country from Justified
58. I Won’t Scream from Murder By Contract
59. “Immunity”-Cliff Martinez
60. “Wasted Kisses”-Prince
61. “Birthday”-Devilhead
62. “Clowns and Ballerinas”-Negativland
63. “R.A.D.E”-Prince
64. “Computer Blue”-Prince and the Revolution
65. “I Don’t Give A F”-Zeke
66. “suburbs” from Something Wild
67. “intro” –Bad Brains
68. “Why's Everybody Always Pickin' On Me?”-The Bloodhound Gang

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Attack of The B-Movies

My DVD cataloging project is fast under way, but no manner of speed will ever make this list expediently done, nor 100% complete. And I haven't even gotten to the television shows, music videos, or even the VHS collection yet. Porn will probably not factor, and I'll leave the wrestling DVDs in Joe's capable hands.

These are probably as complete as the B's are gonna get. Some of which I couldn't even submit because Joe wrote the listing, and even he can't read his own handwriting.

Baby Doll
Baby Snakes
Bachelor & The Bobby-Sockser
Bachelor Party
Back To School
Bad Day At Black Rock (DVD-R)
Bad Education
Bad Seed (DVD-R)
Bad Timing
Ballad Of Cable Hogue
Ball Of Fire (DVD-R)
Band Of Outsiders (Bande à part)
Bank Job
Barefoot In The Park (DVD-R)
Barfly (DVD-R)
Basketball Diaries
Batman (1966)
Batman Begins
Batman Gotham Knight (animated)
Batman Returns
Battle Beyond The Stars
Battleground (DVD-R)
Beach Red
Beast Of The City (DVD-R)
Beasts Of Marseilles (DVD-R)
Beat (DVD-R)
Bedazzled (1967)
Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
Behind Locked Doors
Being John Malkovich
Being Julia
Ben Hur
Best In Show
Better Off Dead
Beware My Lovely (DVD-R)
Beyond The Mat
Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls
Bicycle Thief
Big Bluff
Big Clock
Big Combo
Big Fish
Big Heat (DVD-R)
Big Lebowski
Big Red One
Big Sleep
Big Steal
Big Wednesday
Blackboard Jungle (DVD-R)
Black Book (DVD-R)
Black Brigade
Black Christmas (1977)
Black Dahlia
Blood Diamond (DVD-R)
Black Hand (DVD-R)
Black Hole (DVD-R)
Black Legion (DVD-R)
Black Narcissus
Black Orpheus
Black Shampoo
Black Snake Moan
Blade Runner
Blade Trinity
Blair Witch Project
Blazing Saddles
Blind Alley (DVD-R)
Blood Feast
Blood On Satan’s Claw (DVD-R)
Blood On The Moon (DVD-R)
Blood Simple (DVD-R)
Bloody Orgy Of The She-Devils
Blue Dahlia
Blue Juice
Blue Velvet
BMX Bandits
Bob & Ted & Carol & Alice (DVD-R)
Bob Roberts
Body Double
Bodysong (DVD-R)
Body Heat
Bonnie & Clyde
Border Incident
Born Romantic
Born To Be Bad
Born To Be Sold
Born To Kill
Boston Strangler
Boy In The Plastic Bubble
Boys From Brazil (DVD-R)
Brady Bunch Movie (DVD-R)
Brain Dead (DVD-R)
Brain Machine
Brand Upon The Brain (DVD-R)
Breaker Morant (DVD-R)
Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Breakfast Club
Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo
Breaking & Entering (DVD-R)
Bride Of Frankenstein
Bridges Of Madison County
Bridget Jones’ Diary
Bright Lights Big City (DVD-R)
Bringing Up Baby
Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia (DVD-R)
Bronx Tale
Brotherhood Of Satan
Browning Version (DVD-R)
Bruce Almighty
Brute Force
Bubba Ho-Tep
Buffalo Soliders
Bukowski: Born Into This
Bullets Or Ballots
Bunny Lake Is Missing (DVD-R)
Buried Alive
Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid
Butterfly Effect

She Shines!

Gots me a new modem after getting kicked offline during the thunderstorm the other night, so on with boring you all to tears. And exhausting myself with work and it's strange new trend in us giving away money that we apparently don't have.

In the last few weeks we have made less money in sales, but our backback ratio has been through the flippin' roof, with people dropping off enormous box-loads, sometimes trash bags, filled with CDs and DVDs to sell back, all for money. And all desperate and anxious and testy about it too. Some days I process about 500 pieces, and not only to I have to ring them all up but I have to type them all out to the police department the next morning, and we don't have the man-power to bag and tag them as they come in, nor a place to put them, considering that this is what we have been averaging a day. Either the economy is killing them out there, or people really are dumping their stuff onto hard drives and getting rid of the physical element. It's wearing a lot of us down, not just the process but the sight of people coming through the door no longer with small bags of DVDs to sell, but whole families lugging tubs and crates on rollers, standing in line behind each other, and me not being able to pee for hours.

Are all of you getting rod of your DVD collections as well? And your CDs too? I mean this has been going on for awhile, but never to this extreme, like it's been in the last few weeks. And it was all people like this one girl today who was crying for every cent she could get on her DVDs because she needed money to buy her asthma inhaler at the pharmacy today.

Are we getting this desperate, people? And furthermore, will I have bladder problems when I'm older processing it all?

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Sun 22: 10:30-5
Mon 23: 9am-11am
Thurs 26: 5-9
Fri 27: 12-8
Sat 28: 12-8
Sun 29: 11-5
Mon 30: 9-5
Tue 31: 9-11am
Thur 2: 12-6
Sat 4: 12-7

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Straight To The A's

My DVD cataloging project is fast under way, but no manner of speed will ever make this list expediently done, nor 100% complete. And I haven't even gotten to the television shows, music videos, or even the VHS collection yet. Porn will probably not factor, and I'll leave the wrestling DVDs in Joe's capable hands.

Here are the A's, and the first four titles I added with the "A" in front because that is often how I think of these films. I may leave the letter off future films, but I cannot think of A Clockwork Orange without the "A" in front of "Clockwork". Thus:

A Clockwork Orange
A Dandy In Aspic (DVD-R)
A Scanner Darkly
A Tout De Suite
About A Boy
About Schmidt
Ace In The Hole
Across The Pacific (DVD-R)
Act Of Violence
Addam’s Family
Addam’s Family Values
Affair (DVD-R)
Affair To Remember
African Queen (DVD-R)
Against All Odds
Age Of Innocence
Agronomist (DVD-R)
Aguirre The Wrath Of God
A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
Airplane II
All About Eve
All The King’s Men
All Through The Night (DVD-R)
Almost Famous
Alpha Dog
Altered States
Amazing Adventure
Amazing Mr. Z
Amazon Women On The Moon
American Gangster
American History X
American Movie
American Pie
American Psycho
American Splendor
An American Dream (DVD-R)
Anastasia (1956)
Anatomy Of A Murder (DVD-R)
Anderson Tapes (1971) (DVD-R)
And Justice For All
Angels With Dirty Faces
Animal House
Annie Hall
Anvil: The Story Of Anvil
Apocalypse Now
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters
Armored Car Robbery (DVD-R)
Army Of Darkness
Arthur & The Invisibles (DVD-R)
Art School Confidential
Asphalt Jungle
Astronaut Farmer (DVD-R)
Atlantic City
At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul
Atomic Blue
At War With The Army
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Awakening Of The Beast
Awful Truth (DVD-R)

I may post these as they are completed, just for archives sake. And to further humiliate myself with all the crap I own.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fatigue Study

Audio Junk is another Stoopid Kar Production live every Wednesday on @ 10 pm EST. The World's Worst Mixing DJ -DJ JOE INC plays a variety of music-no format- just samples variety and more tonight. The Modern Mixtape. Replays on every Sun 5 am - 7 am-Texas Time.

1. “Jingle his Jangle” from Battle Beyond The Stars
2. “Denounce Everybody” - Pat Robertson & Jerry Fallwell
3. “Living Hell” - The Pain Teens
4. “Begin Anew For Two” - George Atkins and Hank Levine
5. intro to the Demo for Batman:Arkham Asylum on Xbox 360
6. attack of the Biting Dolls from Barbarella
7. “loaded goat” from The Andy Griffith Show
8. “Sixty-Nine (Tee Scott Mix)” - Brooklyn Express
9. “Plastic Lotus” - Christopher Smith
10. “F*Ck Off (The Dirty Rooster) (FCC)” - Slim Galliard
11. “Fantázia (Gershwin a "Raphsody In Blue" témáira)” - Skorpio
12. “Hear Me Beings”-John Saxon from Battle Beyond The Stars
13. “All Night Long” - The Mary Jane Girls
14. “News From Hell” - from The Phenix City Story
15. “Cake and Sodomy” - Marilyn Manson
16. “Loud Proud and Punk as F” - Phobia
17. Trailer for The Handmaid’s Tale
18. “Dead End Justice” - The Runaways
19. “fruits of victory” from Cornered
20. “Take Out Some Insurance” - Jimmy Reed
21. “Potato Chip” - Shadows of Night
22. “House of Pleasure” - Skillet and Leroy
23. “A Goat Full of Dynamite” - Don Knotts
24. “Skewed Emapthy (Skratch Bastid Mix)” - Crystal Castles & Outkast & Raekwon
25. “This Little Light” - Neko Case
26. “I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (Live)” - Scissor Sisters
27. International Trailer for Femme Fatale
28. “Paniots Nine” -Joe Maneri
29. “Raymond Shaw” - Frank Sinatra
30. “Marching Music” from Sex and Fury
31. trailer for Videodrome
32. “Apollo Nine” - Adam Ant
33. alarm from MOON
34. “Something I Can Never Have(NBK sdtk version) - NIN
35. “not what I’m Looking For” - from Fear of Night
36. “Oliver’s House” - Sheila E
37. “Some Kind A Lover” - Apollonia 6
38. “Contraception Melt” - The Onion
39. “Christmiester” - Numb
40. “Joe Ain’t Coming Back” from Out of The Past
41. “Defocus” - Amon Tobin
42. infra-red shoot-out from Kickass
43. “Nude Paper” - Anti-Pop Consortium
44. “Stress” - Alien Sex Fiend
45. “I’m All Wet” - NoMeansNo
46. “Healthy Body” - Operation Ivy
47. “overaged degenerate” from Battle Beyond The Stars
48. “Truck” - The Octopus Project
49. “Skankin To The Beat” - Fishbone
50. “Your GF” - The Nobodys
51. “Me, You, One (Means I Love You)” - Bob Pinado and His Sound Casters
52. “Annaconda Malt Liqour Ad” - Black Dynamite

Sunday, August 15, 2010


So hot at work, even with the air conditioner on, I tear off my shirt and toss it straight into the washer as soon as I walk through my door at the end of the day. And what a long, nutty week it's going to be, now that we have finally come up with a plan to get the WEA catalog back into the store again: Instead of all CDs $9.99, the new signs will say "ALL CDS AS LOW AS $9.99" or something like that, which means we can finally start selling the new Tom Petty and Trey Songz and Deftones and Michael Buble and Straight No Chaser and Avenged Sevenfold and bloody hell whatever the kids are listening to these days. This requires me to come into work at 7am and start re-pricing everything, and I know people are gonna raise a stink over this. But then again they complained that we didn't have anything new in the store anymore, so at least we'll have that again, roit? The other two price points will be $12.99 and $14.99 so it's not like they have to pay the old $18.99 for everything anymore. Just that WEA sells their stuff for $11 per unit so we can't sell it retail for $9.99 -- WE ARE NOT WALMART. We don't have loss-leaders. But at least people shouldn't complain about our used prices being so high anymore either.

Gotta force myself to go to bed. Damn I just wish my head didn't hurt so much.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Is It Live Or Memorex?

BWAH! I used to work with this girl at Music Man back in the 80's.

I am currently endeavoring to catalog all of the movies I own, which will undoubtedly cripple me over time. Right now I am cataloging alphabetically, so I am currently in the A-H zone. Predicting total breakdown by the R's and S's, although the B's have been pretty harrowing I must admit.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Sun 15: 5-cl
Mon 16: 7-4
Thurs 19: 3-cl
Fri 20: 1-6
Sat 21: 3-8
Sun 22: 10:30-5
Tue 24: 9am-11am
Thurs 26: 5-9
Fri 27: 12-8
Sat 28: 12-8

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dirty Pretty Things

Don't think my rickety ride will make it. Anybody wanna drive my happy ass seven hours to Asheville?

And a customer at work just got me interested in The Octopus Project -- and I am particularly fond of this video, as it reminds me of when I lived near the air force base and would see these kinds of people milling about at the air shows.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Phelps "Catfish" Collins, 1944-2010

The older and less flamboyant brother of Bootsy still knew how to hit it and quit it. Go out and buy America Eats Its Young and blast the hell outta that muthasucka. Or check him out here in Paris 1971 with the J.B.'s as the Godfather gives him some stage. RIP Catfish.

Farm Fresh Follies

First 20 tracks on my iTunes tonight monumentally relieved that I have two days off from work.

1. "Sunday Shouting" - Little Louie Vega & Erick Morello
2. "Keep Comin' Back" - Taylor Hollingsworth
3. "Make Me Yours" - Bettye Swann
4. "Alright, Okay, You Win" - Count Basie & Joe Williams
5. "Paint By Numbers" - Self
6. "Rude Walking" - Lee "Scratch" Perry
7. "Bobby Conga" - Stereo 77
8. "What's Up Judge Judy's Ass" - Mojo Nixon
9. "Walls Of Jericho" - Cabaret Voltaire
10. "Going Away Again" - The Grains Of Sand
11. "A Day In The Life" - The Beatles
12. "Never Been To Texas" - Power Of Dreams
13. "Loose Translation" - The New Pornographers
14. "Outdoor Miner" - Wire
15. "Oh My Gosh" - Basement Jaxx
16. "Leavin'" - Shelby Lynne
17. "With The Necessary Changes Having Been Made" - Zoogz Rift
18. "Wot?" - Captain Sensible
19. "Stuck In The Middle With You" - Stealers Wheel
20. "She's My Baby" - Faithless

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Between Orchids Lilies Blind Eyes And Cricket

For the last several weeks (months?) I have had this incredible nostalgic urge to go back to Hilton Head Island again before the summer is finished. To be able to ride a bike through Harbourtown and see how much has changed since I was last there in the early 1980s. But the more I think about it the more I realize that I don't miss Hilton Head so much as I miss Hilton Head in the early 80's, and sadly I don't think I can ever go back to that place where I could hang out at the water park and play Donkey Kong while "Somebody's Baby" by Jackson Browne plays over the piped-in radio and then slide down the flume without my boobies falling out of my bathing suit because they were still mere D cups back then (okay, they only fell out a few times).

I suppose I'm more nostalgic for a place and time rather than just a place. Although I suppose the great thing about the present is that there is always a chance to go there and conjure up new memories to be nostalgic about in the future. Gad, now depressing.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Pink Turns To Blue

Audio Junk is another Stoopid Kar Production live every Monday on and @ 9 pm EST. The World's Worst Mixing DJ -DJ JOE INC plays a variety of music-no format- just samples variety and more tonight. The Modern Mixtape. Replays on every Sun 5 am - 7 am-Texas Time .

1. “Early Summer “ Miami Nights 1984
2. “When they felt the spike” from Peeping Tom
3. “Smiling While You’re Crying” - Poets of Rhythm
4. “News from Hell” from The Phenix City Story
5. “Raise Your Fist Evangelist” – Powerwolf
6. “Dead lawn kid” from The Phenix City Story
7. “Can’t Truss It (intro only)” - Public Enemy
8. “The Eviction” - Omega Jackson
9. “He Was Dead On Arrival” form The Phenix City Story
10. “How Soon Is Now” - The Smiths
11. “A Rare Opportunity” from Cornered
12. “Brasila Girl” - French Horn Rebellion
13. “New Denny’s item” - The Onion
14. Arnold vs Eddie Money
15. “Day of Being Wild” - TV Torso
16. “masochist party” from Cornered
17. “clockdown staredown” from Desperate
18. “Bulletproof (Nacey Remix ft. Matt Hemerlein)” - LaRoux and Major Laser
19. “dirty filthy cult” from The Phenix City Story
20. “Pulsewidth” - Aphex Twin
21. “Who Shot Ya” - Notorious BIG
22. “Masquerade “ - Dave Porter
23. “Anotherloverholenyohead” - Prince and The Revolution
24. “Cholly (Funk Get Ready To Roll!)” - Funkadelic
25. “Payback(Live From Soul Power)” - James Brown
26. ‘Unyielding Conditioning” - Fishbone
27. “Phonies” - Peanut Butter Wolf
28. “Phenix City Blues” - Meg Myles
29. “pu**y” - Rammstien
30. “Burn” - Rob Zombie
31. “Rock-A-Hula Baby” - Pop Will Eat Itself
32. Brice Lezybath freestyle
33. the full test from The Phenix City Story
34. “Hey Wonderful” - Theophilus London
35. moan and change from She-Wolf of London
36. “Young Offender” - Pet Shop Boys
37. “A good America” from The Phenix City Story
38. “I Think It Will Rain Again” - Peter Gabriel
39. live Iron Maiden
40. “Industrious Little Pecker” from the Other Side of Julia
41. “Hella Good” - No Doubt
42. opening credits for Trinity Brown
43. Friends and Neighbors trailer
44. “Number Please Gossip” from Hot Saturday
45. “We Gotta Know” - The Cro-Mags
46. "Rise" - Bad Brains

Sunday, August 08, 2010

All The Fun In The World

Alright I'll lay off the video clips, I promise, but this was kind of a big deal for me about eight years ago when I was trying to get a hold of this music video by the early 80's New Orleans local band The Backbeats, which featured Paul Sanchez and drummer Fred LeBlanc, who would later go on to form Cowboy Mouth, and Vance DeGeneres (Ellen's brother). But most notably this video was directed by a young film school student named Steve Soderbergh.

An online friend of mine had gone to college with Larry Blake, who is Soderbergh's long-time sound editor, and gave me his contact information in order to see if this video was or will ever be available to the public. Larry is extremely nice and personable and we exchanged many lovely conversations, and he told me that they had only just ran across this old video in their library, but I guess they never got around to releasing it. Keep in mind that this was before the era of youtube, and now here it is, finally online. Can I get a "Mmmmmmm VANCE!"? Hubba hubba!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Things We Lost In The Flood

I just finished watching The Phenix City Story which starred Richard Kiley, whom Joe and I were trying hard to remember what we had seen him in before. After checking the IMDB I discovered that not only was he in Pickup On South Street, one of my favorite Samuel Fuller films, but I first came to know him as the pilot from the film adaptation of The Little Prince. Turns out Riley's quite the warbler, having won the Tony for originating the role in Man Of La Mancha on the Broadway stage.

Mother of God, how I cried and cried during this scene with Riley and the little boy. It's funny though, because I saw this movie in the theater with my 5th grade class and my best friend Andrea bawled and wailed during the scene where Gene Wilder was sitting in the wheat field, which I thought was one of the funniest scenes in the whole movie, so I'm cackling and she's howling, and that's all I can think about whenever I watch this picture. Except when I cry during the death of the prince. Yeah, I'm a sucker.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Monsters Ball

I was singing this song all day at work today, much to the confusion of my fellow associates:

Sports bra, sports bra
Lifts and separates
Sports bra, sports bra
Baby don't jiggle around
Wear it all over towwwwn...

Although I think the thing about this skit that still makes me laugh the hardest after all these years is whenever Kid Jersey would say "Thank you!" at the end of every song. I mean, laughing until I wheeze from being this close to death. WHY DOES THAT MAKE ME LAUGH SO HARD? THANK YOU! BWAA! SEE? Say "thank you" to me in a megaphone and I'll follow you home forever.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Friends Of Snowman

First 20 tracks on my iTunes wondering why somebody stole the bag of mulch and my hoe off of my front porch, but mysteriously left the shovel.

1. "Last Night" - The Strokes
2. "Dark Angel" - VNV Nation
3. "Merry Happy" - Kate Nash
4. "Little Sister" - Elvis Presley
5. "Dirty Water" - The Standells
6. "Rhythm Of Life (Gospella)" - Oleta Adams
7. "Hate It Ain't So" - DJ Koochie
8. "You Don't Miss Your Water" - Brian Eno
9. "Suki" - Unrest
10. "Sueno Latino" - Sueno Latino
11. "N.I.T.A." - Young Marble Giasnts
12. "Drop A Bomb On 'Em" - Craig G
13. "Pop Muzik" - M
14. "I Ran" - A Flock Of Seagulls
15. "Haarp" - Clues
16. "Sugar And Gold" - The Blue Up?
17. "Love's Secret Domain" - Coil
18. "Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth" - Dead Boys
19. "Willie Nelson [Remake Take 1]" - Miles Davis
20. "Green Green Grass Of Home" - John Otway

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Fri 6: 1-8
Sat 7: 12-9
Sun 8: 5-cl
Mon 9: 10-5
Tue 10: 5-cl
Fri 13: 9-5

Rhythm Method

My favorite actor Jack Stehlin, who pays a reoccurring role as Capt. Roy Till on the Showtime series Weeds, will be on the TNT program Dark Blue tonight at 9:00pm EST. Damn, I hope I set my Tivo right. Joe already has a show recording at nine, and I think when two shows record at once it sort of makes the screen on both shows a bit glitchy. Eek. Oh well, we shall see.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bimbo Jet

Thanks ever so much Anita for making a screen cap for me from the music video to David Bowie's "Fashion", which gave me a lota laffs back in thuh day. S. and I used to both have these tubes of lipstick that resembled those giant pill capsules and we used to make each other giggle by slowly pulling them out of our purses at the same time and going, "Ahhhhhhh..... BEEP BEEP!" Now I don't even carry a purse anymore and I keep my lip gloss in my pants pocket. LOLThe80's.

Time to plug my friend Mary's new tumblr page, Cell Band Pics, where my wretched, embarrassingly bad Motorola shots of Black Joe Lewis and the New York Dolls have finally found a loving home. She's looking for more submissions, so please feel free to send her any cruddy band shots you have on your cell, the more hilariously bad the better. It's an unappreciated art form and its time has finally come.

And speaking of tumblr, this gave me a good solid chuckle for a half an hour: CATCHArt! Artwork inspired by the random reCATCHA phrases we all have to enter to sign in or post on certain websites like Facebook, etc. Thanks again to Anita!

Monday, August 02, 2010

One Day We'll Look Back...

Audio Junk is another Stoopid Kar Production live every Monday on and @ 9 pm EST. The World's Worst Mixing DJ -DJ JOE INC plays a variety of music-no format- just samples variety and more tonight. The Modern Mixtape. Replays on every Sun 5 am - 7 am-Texas Time.

1. “theme to the Catwoman
2. “Number please gossip” from Hot Saturday
3. “Ain’t I’m A Dog” - Ronnie Self
4. “misguided midget” from Last Dragon
5. “Ten Seconds to Forever” - Hawkwind
6. “Sex-O-Matic” - The Bar-Kays
7. “pulling a train” from Metropolitan
8. “Act of God” - Prince
9. “The American Dream” - George Carlin
10. “Unrecorded” - M83
11. “guns solve problems” from Suburbia
12. “81” - Headcase
13. “electro-suicide” from Lois and Clark
14. “Introduction” – Del Close and John Brent
15. Superfriends en espanol
16. Spanish commercial for Edward Scissorhands
17. piano stalk from Che
18. “Love T.K.O.” - Teddy Pendergrass
19. “no Japanese will clean” from Shinjuku Incident
20. “Hail Damage” emergency broadcast
21. “N.BA. Rap” - Hurt Em Bad
22. The Crow Commandments from The Wiz
23. “Mr T’s Commandments” (Extended Mix) – Mr. T
24. “It’s A Maidenform” from The Pink Angels
25. “I Want to Be a Hulkamanic” - Hulk Hogan and the Boot Band
26. “Be a Man” - Randy Savage
27. “sex with the Iron Shiek” – SNL
28. “William Regal Freestyle remix”
29. “Aerobics: Physical Readiness Training - Always Something There To Remind Me” - Master Gunnery Sergeant Bill Dower
30. “Funny How” - Joe Pesci from Goodfellas
31. “Doncha Know” - Bill Cosby
32. “and Mike” - from The Torch Singer
33. “Through The Leaves” - EmE
34. “No Rythym in Your Soul” from the Torch Singer
35. “Players” - Slum Village
36. “It’s In The Record” - from the Torch Singer
37. “Do You Got Skills” - The 524
38. wolf attack from She-Wolf of London
39. trailer for Mysterious Skin
40. “Show Biz History” from Last Dragon
41. “I See Lies” - Nasum
42. “Immoral Woman” from Hot Saturday
43. “Conference Call Imolation” - Watchmaker
44. “go lay an egg” from Hot Saturday
45. “Carved in Dead Flesh” - Vorum
46. “sneered at” from Hot Saturday
47. “Radio Hit” – Anal C**t
48. “Parole Conditions” from Shock Proof
49. “Realm of Chaos(BBC Session)” - Bolt Thrower
50. “Waving The Flag @ Me”-Richard Widmark from Pickup On South Street
51. “Terroreyes” - Torture Division
52. “Boobies X 3” from Valley of The Dolls
53. “The Sensual Woman” - The Herbalizer
54. The Minatures Minature
55. “Chestnuts Song” from The Shinjuku Incident
56. “Not Going Home” - Faithless
57. “Alarm clock” from (500 Days) of Summer
58. “Doc Marten’s Boots” - The Young Ones
59. “Fascination” - The Human League
60. “Acht O’Clock Rock” - Duke Ellington
61. “I Ain’t Going” from Shock Proof
62. “Love on Haight Street” - B.T.
63. “Lucky Clovers” from The Ben Stillers
64. “Bullet The Blue Sky” - U2
65. “I’ll Kill Those Bananas “ from Pink Angels
66. “Leopard Thighs” - Philip Oskar Augustine
67. “Sunbeam Show” - Candy Claws
68. end of Donnie B

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Push Your Pedal To My Metal

Saw this band at the Nsect Club in Hampton, VA back in 1993. My friend Rachel and I were up in the balcony overlooking the stage, doing a little synchronized dance that we seemed to have made up together while this song was playing, including blowing kisses during the "MWAH!" parts. I was wearing a dog collar around my neck that belonged to my golden retriever that died the year before. Wow, I listened to this band a lot back in the early 90's. Now it keeps popping up unbidden onto my iPod shuffle. And all I can think about is that silly dance.